Sunday, March 1, 2009

They say im EZ like sunday morning....too bad she ain't (lol)

VersayceJae (2:29:19 PM): good morning

+15712466639 (2:29:48 PM): Its two thirty julian

VersayceJae (2:30:50 PM): ok well i just woke up, sry im not up at 12 lol

+15712466639 (2:31:37 PM): I have bee up since eight thirty ass and I don't believe you

VersayceJae (2:32:33 PM): i had a few drinks last night and we watched movies until 4 so i was tired

+15712466639 (2:33:40 PM): Wow okay well I ddont habe time for this.

VersayceJae (2:34:10 PM): bahahahahaahhahaaha ur ridiculous

+15712466639 (2:34:40 PM): No you are ...

VersayceJae (2:36:17 PM): "her name," i just woke up and you picked a fight lol, that would classify ur ass as redunkulous, i rolled outta bed, im such a bad guy....ur gay

+15712466639 (2:39:54 PM): Yeah fine bye.

VersayceJae (2:41:55 PM): ha!

This is what i woke up to today, i dont understand females nemore, we arent even together lol...if there is ne1 that doesnt mind me waking up at 2:30 and having a few drinks from time to time...comment me....i like long walks on the beach, kissing in the rain, chick flicks, and that guy lol so yeah here is a pic:


  1. Umm well I'm a 5'10" 150lb. Arab. I enjoy long walks on the beach followed by foreplay in which you eat camel meat off my camel meat. I promise to be gentle big boy, if you promise to play rough, so better not cheat or I'll leave you for that lil Columbian.

  2. really sir, i believe ive met ur sandy ass somewhere...i think you were in a cast too...and i way about 5 lbs more than you faggot, SUCK ON THAT!