Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Fish Ride Bicycles!

I've been a fan of The Cool Kids since the beginning, like before the video...BLACK MAGS was soooo certified. I have like ev-er-y-thing that they have ever made...ev-er-y-thing? ev-er-y-thing!! These two cats live up to there name like bosses. But neways, the real news...
They are almost done with their debut album When Fish Ride Bicycles and me, being so jive fresh, have the track list for you...PJ the DJ, SPIN THAT $#!%.

Chuck and I after a concert.

1. Intro to Ice Fishing

2. Gas Station ft. Bun B

3. Cinnamon

4. Hammer Brothers

5. Popcorn

6. Flying Kites

7. Pennies (the single)

8. Strawberry Girls

9. We're So Neat

10. Tune Up

11. More Cowbell

12. In My System

13. Jump Man

14. Sailboat

15. Parking Lot

check out for updates and pics and ish...

Dap Me! Q-tip ft Kanye West and Consequence - We Fight/We Love RMX...choice.

Listen now...

Your Welcome.


The Good The Bad The Ugly: LUPE! chicago maynn!!!

K well as you all know (ecspecially Jirobot) i have a man crush on LUPE FIASCO lol no homo tho...and well uhhh im pretty much about to go crazy if the man dont drop an album soon.

So The Good: He has an album on the way and he IS still trying to drop 2 albums this year. Also the name of the first album will be called "We Are Lasers" and its kinda about his high school years and it is spun off of And He Gets the Girl (which any Lupe-head is very familiar with). So im pretty excited about that! DAP ME SOMEONE!

The Bad: Sources say that there will no longer be an LupE.N.D. so yeah....FML...cuz i was looking forward to that :*( <-- thats me crying, word to motha.

The Ugly: He's still retiring...k gonna go curl up under a rock after that pc.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dopest Video Art

K wow, this is really cool/interesting/time consuming/overall wow and you should take 5 mins to check it...i saw it over at the Johnny Cupcakes' site...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes!

OK sooooo...i was in Boston this past week and i went shopping (of course).  Jirobot's evil twin and i went to karmaloop, bodega, and a couple other stores.  The only store i copped something from was at Johnny Cupcakes.  Johnny Cupcakes is brand that was certified from the second i walked in the store. CHOICE! (according to my new friend Greta) and i pretty much fell in "L-word" with the apparel.  Ima give you the link to the website so you can read the history, im give you a pic of what i bought, and im even gonna certify anything you buy cuz well uhh i can do that, im JAYCE, we out here!  So mos def check out the store online and if your in Boston i'd suggest stopping by cuz the store has a redunk design to it, "im chuck, the baker's man" lol

oh and i forgot to tell you that they put it in that box right thurr...uhhh k wow, dope.

certified DOPE.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Asher Roth: Asleep in the Bread Aisle

Asher Roth has a big buzz right now in the hip hop community, he has been doing his thing in a big way. He's been certified with me since i heard him murder the a milli beat. With his single "I Love College" at #6 on iTunes, he is in a pretty raw position to drop his album...Here is the artwork and the tracklist, check it!

1. Lark on My Go Cart (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)

2. Blunt Cruise (prod. by Oren Yoel)

3. I Love College (prod. By Mike Carren and Ben Allen)

4. La Di Da (prod. By Don Cannon)

5. Fallen (prod. by Novel)

6. Be By Myself Feat. Cee-Lo (prod. by Oren Yoel)

7. She Don’t Want A Man Feat. Estelle (prod. by Oren Yoel)

8. Sour Patch Kids (prod. by Oren Yoel)

9. As I Em Feat. Chester French (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)

10.Bad Day Feat. Jazze Pha (prod. by Oren Yoel and David Appleton)

11. Leo The Lion Feat. Busta Rhymes & New Kingdom (prod. by Oren Yoel)

12. His Dream Feat. Miguel (prod. by Oren Yoel)

13. Nothing You Can’t Do (prod. by Nottz)

Friday, March 6, 2009

PC to Kings Point

Today is my official last day of being in the merchant marines. All my stuff is packed and i'm heading back home to go back to normal college...My roommate is doing the same thing and he actually just left like 5mins ago. It has been an exciting journey but i believe that it is time for a change. I'll keep it 100 wit you...i hate this place lol, and i need to be back in my comfort zone wit my fam and friends and go to school for something that i want to do. So im heading back to VA and im hopefully going to either Old Dominion University of Lynchburg College next fall. Im planning to major in either psychology or sports medicine...or maybe both, i havent decided yet. Regardless, im glad to be going home and im glad to have the support of all the people around me. I made some great friends in the last 7 or 8 months, and i will miss them dearly, but its time for a change :) be home 2mo, then VA BEACH!!!! for a week wit the crew! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Upper Playground X New Era

I was over at strictly fitteds and saw these joints, almost limed in my own pants...its simple yet certified. Nice colors for the spring and summer, def worth copping ;)

The Beat Cycle lid has a wrap around graphic and
looks stitched for good quality.

The Grape Drink joint is prob for all my ninjas (very
stereotypical tho lol) but i know N%#$@s
are gonna buy it so i guess i'll have to get me one too.

Visit the New Era or Upper Playground stores online to get more info

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey Champ!

Hey Champ is a new group under Lupe Fiasco's 1st&15th Label. I downloaded there mixtape a while ago and it was "descent" so i checked the music video for the single "Cold Dust Girl" and pretty much fell in love jk but its pretty hott...not certified...but check it out
And if anyone wants to lend the kid $25, i want to get the throw some bubble gum gwop at me PLZ & THX!

HEY CHAMP - Cold Dust Girl from hanaari on Vimeo.
LUPe.n.d. on the WAY!!!
WOOOOOO for the summer of '09!

Blog Blog Blog Rant Blog!

So the other night i called a random phone in NYC, somebody picked up and i whispered a couple words and hung up. He then procceded to put up a wanted poster around NY on all phone booths. I got a tip from the feds that someone was looking for me and i was browsing online for the crook...Regardless, i found out that he goes by the name of "Jirobot." I'll have to certify his blog ASAP like T.I. (lol) If you are in your right mind you should head over to to check his take on life in Harlem...uptown all day!

Mad love to my new peeps over at Blog Blog Blog Rant Blog...Trust and Believe, he's:

certified DOPE.

certified DOPE(x2).

Lil Wayne: Prom Queen (Official Video) i only like a couple of Wayne joints, but this new rockstar thing is pretty fresh. When i first heard this single, i was suprised how much i liked it and how catchy it was. Im actually looking forward to this album more than the last one. Lets pray that he doesnt take 4 years to drop this one (lol). But anyways, the single is dope, the video is dope-er, and all you have to do is click the play button.
Yeah, i got it like that.
enjoi ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heltah Skeltah Freestyle...

this ish is fire...

certified DOPE.


OK, its official...the Nike Air Yeezy's are gonna drop sometime around April 2nd. I have a funny feeling that everyone and there momma are gonna cop them, but its understandable...i think they are funky fresh so here are the color waves that should be dropping asap...stay tuned for more news and updates at WDL&B...

Monday, March 2, 2009

QuEST: Distant Travels Into Soul Theory Mixtape

Just as he promised, QuEST's mixtape dropped earlier today...i wont certify it yet cuz im giving it to yall before i download it...thats called "love"

enjoi ;)

Kanye West X VH1 Story Tellers

If you didnt catch it on TV then you suck.

But dont worry, i gotchu lol

Check out my fav couple performances and go to the link at the bottom to watch them all.


VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

See You In My Nightmares.

VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip


certified DOPE.

New Dope Couture

I was on Dope Couture's website and saw that they put up some new items. I receently purchased one of their Birkin Tees and was VERY satisfied with the quality and DOPEness, pun intended.

The prices for these Limited Edition items run at about $30 a piece, but with no further a do:

And yes there is music, dont worry :)

Dj Benzi X Dope Couture: The Jetsetters

Click and Enjoi ;)

Certified DOPE.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Cassidy & A Throwback from Termanology

From now on, everytime i give you a new joint, ima also give you a favorite throwback of mine...

  • My boy Cassidy just recently dropped this joint called "Jumping In My Bag." Im not gonna certify it yet but Cass has also been a favorite of mine. He seems to have the worst luck but we'll see what happens this time around. So shout out to Cassidy and the Larciny and enjoi ;)

  • For the throwback, I chose Termanology's "Watch How It Go Down"...this joint is def certified DOPE, so check it...

They say im EZ like sunday morning....too bad she ain't (lol)

VersayceJae (2:29:19 PM): good morning

+15712466639 (2:29:48 PM): Its two thirty julian

VersayceJae (2:30:50 PM): ok well i just woke up, sry im not up at 12 lol

+15712466639 (2:31:37 PM): I have bee up since eight thirty ass and I don't believe you

VersayceJae (2:32:33 PM): i had a few drinks last night and we watched movies until 4 so i was tired

+15712466639 (2:33:40 PM): Wow okay well I ddont habe time for this.

VersayceJae (2:34:10 PM): bahahahahaahhahaaha ur ridiculous

+15712466639 (2:34:40 PM): No you are ...

VersayceJae (2:36:17 PM): "her name," i just woke up and you picked a fight lol, that would classify ur ass as redunkulous, i rolled outta bed, im such a bad guy....ur gay

+15712466639 (2:39:54 PM): Yeah fine bye.

VersayceJae (2:41:55 PM): ha!

This is what i woke up to today, i dont understand females nemore, we arent even together lol...if there is ne1 that doesnt mind me waking up at 2:30 and having a few drinks from time to time...comment me....i like long walks on the beach, kissing in the rain, chick flicks, and that guy lol so yeah here is a pic: