Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Good The Bad The Ugly: LUPE! chicago maynn!!!

K well as you all know (ecspecially Jirobot) i have a man crush on LUPE FIASCO lol no homo tho...and well uhhh im pretty much about to go crazy if the man dont drop an album soon.

So The Good: He has an album on the way and he IS still trying to drop 2 albums this year. Also the name of the first album will be called "We Are Lasers" and its kinda about his high school years and it is spun off of And He Gets the Girl (which any Lupe-head is very familiar with). So im pretty excited about that! DAP ME SOMEONE!

The Bad: Sources say that there will no longer be an LupE.N.D. so yeah....FML...cuz i was looking forward to that :*( <-- thats me crying, word to motha.

The Ugly: He's still retiring...k gonna go curl up under a rock after that pc.

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