Monday, March 16, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes!

OK sooooo...i was in Boston this past week and i went shopping (of course).  Jirobot's evil twin and i went to karmaloop, bodega, and a couple other stores.  The only store i copped something from was at Johnny Cupcakes.  Johnny Cupcakes is brand that was certified from the second i walked in the store. CHOICE! (according to my new friend Greta) and i pretty much fell in "L-word" with the apparel.  Ima give you the link to the website so you can read the history, im give you a pic of what i bought, and im even gonna certify anything you buy cuz well uhh i can do that, im JAYCE, we out here!  So mos def check out the store online and if your in Boston i'd suggest stopping by cuz the store has a redunk design to it, "im chuck, the baker's man" lol

oh and i forgot to tell you that they put it in that box right thurr...uhhh k wow, dope.

certified DOPE.

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  1. A word to the wise, that evil twin is a beast! Keep your hands in your pockets otherwise he will be diggin. He out there!