Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Time

I really miss being a kid in East Bridgewater, no worries, no bills, no problems, just fun. When the snow would fall, we would go out and play in it ALL day until then sun went down. Back in the day, I didn't even have to shovel...Now, snow-days aren't really the greatest thing SO today, Jay2daWinterWonderland took matters into his own hands:
I woke up around 1 pm and had a bunch of txts and notifications from Facebook and what not. So i got on and saw that multiple statuses were talking about snow. Usually I here there is going to be snow because its a big deal in VA, like if this was during the week, then the schools would be closed for at least two days...wimps. Regardless, I looked outside, and to my surprise everything had a thick white coat of snow...Good snow too, the type of snow that you can build forts with have snowball wars with. So after my brother and I shoveled the walkway, the front, the deck, and the driveway, we had some snow fun. I threw some snow at him like a baseball and he hit it with the shovel, imitating Big Papi. Then after that, a small one-sided snowball war ensued and I had him in the feedle position on the front lawn while I threw large snowballs at him. After he went inside, I made some snow angels and made a snowman...Great day, and it made me miss being an innocent little kid a lot...but like Ice Cube said, "Today was a Good Day."

yellow snow is bad.

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