Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Video Games!

So recently, like last week, my boys and I have gotten back into video hardcore. We prob logged about 50 hours of straight Halo3, Fifa2010, and some NBA2k9. It fukinawsum. Like tonight for instance, I got a txt from Erik about 20 mins before I got off, talking about "come thru and play halo." Responded back "be there in 10 lol" haha. We have free online for about a month then we probably all gonna throw down a few bucks to get it for the rest of the year, which will be fire...Pudge rockin bama's, Erik coming thru on some skates like New New, and I, Sir Jay2da killing whoever I can with the battle rifles. Fun stuff, we playing tomorrow at 1 until I go to work, then after work as well. Come join us and tell me your gamer tag.

no scope double kill.

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