Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Every year my family always goes and gets a tree from the local christmas tree vendor. We usually do it within the first week of December to get into the Christmas spirit. Along with watching certain movies, drinking egg nog, sending cards, and of course, sending and recieving gifts. This year we decided to do things a little different and cut down our tree. It was actually a great idea and a pretty fun experience. We went to Ticonderoga Farms in South Riding, VA, and we brought along the family's "step son," Simeon aka Sim Simma. He played the role of Moses with his measuring stick and we had a ton of laughs. My Mom, Aidan, My Dad, and I all took turns taking the saw to the bottom of the tree. Aidan went first and got about half way through, followed by my Mom who thought she did a lot, but actually only got about half of the saw into the tree. Next was me, I got to about the 3/4 mark and my Dad came in as the closer. Aidan picked up the 7 ft tree and lugged it back across the muddy and snow powdered terrain.

After we got home and got the tree set up, we proceeded to put on all of our ornaments. This years new ornaments were the Red Sox and Patriots logos, hand drawn on the bulbs. A great addition.

Christmas times always bring back great memories and an all around tranquil mood in the Johnson household. This year, I'm asking for some shoes and some bills to be paid from Santa, and HE BETTER COME THRU!

jingle bells.

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