Monday, November 23, 2009

Reebok Pump 20 Update

So I'm kinda mad at Reebok for this, like the shoes are pretty dope, but you cant find them ANY WHERE! And they arent fly enough to not have a general release. Like I'm not in the mood to fly up to Boston to get in a raffle for a CHANCE to get a pair of kicks that aren't even all that and a bag of potato chips. C'mon Reebok...give the people some cool pumps that we can all rock, okay? thx. Now I'm just gonna go get the the re-release of the Dee Brown's in black for $100 because, 1. he played for the Celtics 2. I think they are much fresher & 3. I'm not down for this raffle stuff/paying $450 for a pair of semi-cool kicks. Not happenin'!!! Reebok fail.

BUT, here are all the Pumps Collabs/Designs, so if you live near these stores, and you want a pair, I suggest you get down there ASAP!


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