Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My lovely girlfriend bought me Fifa 2010 for my Xbox360 a few days ago and I haven't stopped playing, well until now to blog about it. But really, the game is DOPE, I can't begin to explain how realistic it is, everything from the graphics, to the way players fall, to the timing of the runs, to the facial expressions is on p-o-i-n-t.

I honestly think I played for about 7 hours straight yesterday in my "Be-A-Pro" Mode. I create a player and put him on whatever club I want (Manchester City of course), and I only control him throughout the game. At the start of each game I am given objectives, such as; Score 1 Goal, Win by 2 Goals, and Have a Performance Rating above 7.0. Which isnt always easy, but after a while of playing, isn't really hard either. After the game, they tell you if you met your objectives and then you are given EXP points to add to your players stats to make him a better all around player. As the season goes on, you can be invited to play for your National Team, become your Club's Captain, etc. As of today, my team is at the top of the table, my player is the second leading scorer in the league, and I'm a starter for the English National Team (because I forgot to change my country when I created him .lol.).

But anyways, Fifa2010 is DOPE, so go buy it, and tell me how YOU are doing in it. & FYI, my jersey does say "Jay2da" like its 'posed-ta.

Jay2da #14

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