Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick 16

yeah, and its my way or the highway

walking tall in OG sky high fly jays

and if you was chillin with me

just bring some mike and ikes and a green tea

contemplating taking the sticker of the brim

either way ima still blow like the wind

you never be as cool as me even if hell froze

and i've never once worn any laces in my shell toes

u seem to repeat yourself like the chorus

while im still handsome and lyrically gorgeous

y'all are just replacements, y'all stay fillin in

ill puke on these tracks like a teaspoon on cinnamon

ramadan the track and make it speed up

i could slow it down make the rhymes vary

the way i be spitting is scary

and im prone to school niggas like william and mary.


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