Monday, October 26, 2009

Paranormal Activity

My girlfriend and I went to see this last was definately the scariest movie that I have seen in pretty much forever. I sat through the whole thing, but it was hella creepy, and just scary. The scariest thing was the fact that it was based on true events and that th chick was never found. I don't wanna give away the ending but it was dope. It had me creeped all last night though...BUT I did manage to scare Flo when she was in the bathroom. During the movie, when the demons activity was intensifying, doors would close, and they would get banged on...So when we got back to my girlfriend's house we sat down and watched some TV and she got up to go to the bathroom. When I heard the toilet flush, I walked silently to the door, then when she was washing her hands I started banging on the door and yelling...she SCREAMED and I busted through the door to see her in shock on the other side of the bathroom...after she read this she said I didnt scare her that much but then she said, and I quote, "lmao okok i almost peeeed my pantalones"...YOU GO GIRL!

So after a long ride home, I got into bed, locked the door to my room (so no demons could get in) then I proceeded to pass out shortly after. I woke up at 2:48 am exactly (which if you watch the movie, is around the time that all the weird stuff would happen) so that scarred me crapless. I even heard the footsteps from the movie, but then I looked out my window to find out that it was just a minivan being loaded and the "footsteps" were the doors closing. FML. I eventually got back to sleep and woke up like every hour, but it sucked, and now I'm tired. So great movie.

Here's the trailer:


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