Saturday, April 11, 2009

Keys To Success: The Hook-Up

Over the years i have tried to figure out the science behind the "Hook-Up" and i know yall are gonna crucify me for this but (after A LOT of trial and error) i think i found it. So obviously im not gonna give you an in-depth article about my personal game, but ill give you the surface so that you are in the correct direction...

1. Threads - Be fresh to def and dressed to kill every time you leave the crib, you never know what will happen at a party, a get together, at the mall, or even a trip to the grocery store. Women love men that know how rock their gear correct.

2. Stand Out! - Simple, have something about you that makes you a little dont have to be obnoxious or have a big gaudy bezel, but be creative. Walk Tall and Turn Heads.

3. Cologne - Smell good, its a must. My fav is Jean Paul Gaultier (in the picture) and it works girl wants to hug/cuddle/or even sit next to a guy that dont smell like a boss.

4. Gwop - Always keep some money so that you dont look broke..girls aint tryin to pay for you.

5. Whip - Have a license and a car. DO NOT HAVE A HOOPTIE or BE GETTIN

6. Passion - Have something that u are passionate about, dont be run-of-the-mill, be interesting and make them want to get to know more...but still keep them guessing a little.

7. Be Safe - Dont be running around gettin everyone preggos, be safe and dont get burnt, cuz that will prob end your career lol. Get tested frequently cuz we live in a crazy world, word to mutha.

But most of all be yourself, everyone has their own personality, do you fam!


  1. you knowww, i think i gotchu wit this correct?

  2. yeah most definitely had me hooked with all of it... it works =)