Saturday, February 28, 2009

Terry Kennedy X Supra

OK, so i know that anyone who is anyone follows skateboarding...or atleast enuf to know who TK is. I personally have been waiting FOREVER for these joints to come out. His pro model sneaker (made by Supra of course) is certified crack rock status over They resemble the Supra Skytop joints that some people (everyone) has copped recently. The part that im feeling the most is that double strap look that hasnt been successfully pulled off since 2008 when Puma dropped those treasure hunting joints, which were fire i might add.

I shouldnt be blogging about this cuz i know people are gonna be lined up to get them ASAP but f%@$ it...According to the people over at Sneaker Obsession, they should be released sometime between now and May 1st of '09...but they are def worth the wait. No definite color waves have been cleared...but the picture below pretty much says "it dont matter"

So have your wallets ready to empty anytime soon, I will.

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